About Hong Kong

[Vitoria Harbor, Hong Kong.]

You deserve a break. Recharge your batteries. Indulge yourself. There's no better place to do that than right here in Hong Kong. Take advantage of being in one of the world's greatest destinations; a charismatic city with astonishing diversity and sophistication.

A place to experience mesmerizing views, vibrant energy, exciting nightlife, a bustling harbor, tranquil beaches and green countryside. A shopping paradise and the Culinary Capital of Asia.

More than that, Hong Kong is a compact destination where attractions and activities can be quickly reached, making it easy to fit leisure time into your busy schedule. Dine out or go sightseeing any time of day or night. Enjoy yourself whenever you desire. Take a break for an hour or a day. You'll find something amazing.

For more information, please visit the Homepage of Hong Kong Tourism Board.